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Eoin O’Shea is a Series Producer/Director with prime-time documentary and factual series credits for BBC 1 & 2, Channel 4, and Discovery, Eoin has also made several series for the US market.

“As a film maker, I am drawn to telling surprising and exciting stories often in extreme and challenging environments. I enjoy the immediacy and energy of observational films but also enjoy balancing these projects with more considered, scripted work. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with some first class production companies; often developing new ideas and new talent in advance of production. As such I have built up strong relationships with commissioners at various channels. I work with a fantastic group of DP’s, editors and producers and take great care in building the best team possible for each film. I’m always on the look out for new, ambitious projects and would be delighted to discuss your film or series.”

Curriculum Vitae


Series Producer Director Channel 4
Escape to Costa Rica (3X60), Century Films.
New series.
Science writer, Gaia Vince explores the small Central American country that is leading the world in the battle against climate change and the home of, Eco Tourism. Specialist Factual / Obs Doc



Producer/Director, Channel 4
Hidden and Forbidden: Britain from a drone (3X60), Windfall Films
New Series
Drone series exploring hard to access and hidden parts of Britain. Negotiated difficult/sensitive access and developed visual style and editorial tone of this new ambitious new show. Access includes, London Gateway Mega-port, Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers and an ASDA dark store!
Presented by Tony Robinson

Series Director, Channel 4
Flying to the ends of the earth (3X60) Blast Films
Series 2 of this ambitious adventure series following former Royal Marine, Arthur Williams as he seeks out the most remote communities on earth. Shot on location in Siberia and The South Pacific.


Series Producer Director, Discovery
Sean Conway – Running Britain! (3X60), Tuesday’s Child
New Series
Specialist Factual, 2X60 documentary and accompanying 1X60 Slow TV version of Sean Conway’s attempt to run 1000 miles, off road, from John O Groats to Lands End
Self-Shooting and crew.


Producer/Director, BBC 2
Lancaster – Britain’s Flying Past (1X60), Archie
Specialist Factual 1X60 documentary for BBC 2 at 9pm. Presented by John Sergeant and featuring a full WW2 Lancaster Bomber crew we examined the roll of the ‘heavy bomber’ during the war. Visiting key locations in the UK and Germany, including the crash site of a previously ‘lost’ crew.

Producer/Director, BBC 2
The Red Arrows – inside the bubble (1X60), Archie
Documentary about the Red Arrows aerobatic team. Managed unprecedented access to, 2014 ‘training camp. Developed and maintained key relationships with pilots and backroom team over 6 months. Designed inflight-filming system to illustrate the intricate manoeuvres of the aeroplanes. Self-Shooting and crew.


Series Producer/Director, Travel Channel
Border Rico! (6X30), Arrow Media
Immersive Obs Doc working with US federal agents on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Developed, produced and directed series from idea to delivery.
Managed multiple units on location, developed key characters and maintained good relations with all US government agencies. Self-Shooting and crew.

Series Director, Channel 4, Smithsonian
Terror in the skies, Arrow Media
Specialist Factual 4X60. I negotiated access to sensitive government agencies in the USA including NOAA, FAA etc. I led a large team on location in the US and Europe and took responsibility for writing and directing all presenter-led sequences and complex scientific experiments.

Producer/Director, Cinema release
Barzan – Feature Doc: Ultramarine Films
4K-feature length doc involved, embedding a large documentary team with an offshore, ‘heavy lifting crew’, in the Arabian Gulf while they attempt to build one of the largest gas pipelines in the world.


Producer/Director, Channel 5, Travel Channel
‘World’s busiest border crossing’ / ‘World’s busiest hotel’, Arrow media
New Series
2X60, access led documentaries, about the busiest places in the world
Led large teams on location in hazardous environment. Built relationships and negotiated access to highly sensitive areas, including Las Vegas casinos, US/Mexico border. Self Shooting role.

Producer/Director, BBC 2
“Sea King – Britain’s Flying Past”, Archie
Specialist Factual 1X60 documentary for BBC 2 at 9pm. I wrote, directed and produced this Presenter led documentary about military and SAR role of the Sea King Helicopter. Self-Shooting and crew

Producer/Director, Channel 5, Discovery
“World’s Scariest Plane Landings”, Mentorn
1X60 documentary, featuring extraordinary UGC from the world’s scariest plane landings. The original of the species! And a huge hit for Disco and Channel 5.


Producer/Director, BBC 2
“Spitfire – Britain’s Flying Past”, Archie
Specialist Factual 1X60 documentary for BBC 2 at 9pm about the most iconic British aircraft of them all! The success of this film went on to launch the ‘Britain’s flying past’ strand.

Producer/Director, BBC 1
“Britain’s Hidden Heritage”, Factual: Reef TV
New Series
3X60 heritage series for Sunday evenings on BBC 1. Presented by Paul Martin.
Important member of the development and pre-production team on this new history series. Self- Shooting with crew.


Producer/Director, BBC 2
“Home Movie Road Show” Specialist Factual: Diverse
New series
Social history show using home cinema footage to look at life in Britain in the 20th century Presented by Dan Cruikshank

BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Home
Between 2008 and 2010 I produced and directed 50+ hours of pop fact




BBC Editorial Standards and Compliance training
OFCOM compliance and editorial standards training
BBC Health and Safety
Hostile Environment / Firearms
First Aid
TBOSIET (Off shore oil and gas rig training)


John Hay: Channel 4
Alistair Pegg: Blast Films
Brian Hill: Century Films
Lindsay Bradbury: BBC
Tom Brisley: Arrow Films
Jenny Cole: Archie
David Duggan: Windfall Films