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  • Eoin is one of the best PD’s around. Always got loads of ideas a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended, I always look forward to working with him.

    Stephen Taylor Woodrow
    Stephen Taylor WoodrowSeries Producer/Executive Producer, Reef TV
  • Eoin is an intuitive and creative director who can quickly wrap his head around a complex technological subject and see his way to an authentic but entertaining visual spectacle. He has the flexibility to react fast to changing situations without compromising on meaningful content.  He pushed me hard as a new presenter but was encouraging throughout and never dull – which is essential on long car journeys…
    Gaia VinceAuthor and Broadcaster
  • Eoin is a passionate and dedicated film-maker. Over the last year I’ve worked with him on both observational documentaries and formatted shows. He’s a visually strong director and resourceful producer and will always go that extra mile to deliver a compelling programme.

    Steph Harris
    Steph HarrisExecutive Producer, Tuesday’s Child
  • Eoin is an incredibly talented PD. Brilliant at crafting a story both on location and in the edit. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on a number of high profile documentary films for BBC2 and each one has resulted in a beautifully directed and produced visual treat of storytelling.

    Jenny Cole
    Jenny ColeExecutive Producer, Archie Productions
  • We’ve worked with Eoin extensively at Arrow, and, whether on straight docs, presenter-led or access driven, he has always brought home great material.

    Thomas Viner
    Thomas VinerExecutive Producer, Arrow Media
  • In my experience of filming inhospitable, remote regions of the world a director needs to be a leader. Not only capable of creating amazing films but also of directing the team efficiently and safely. Eoin fulfils this role masterfully.

    Arthur WilliamsBroadcaster / Royal Navy Marine
  • Eoin is never prepared to accept the ordinary. He pushes you to the limit… and beyond. Yet, amazingly, you end up loving him to bits.

    John SergeantJournalist and Broadcaster